Success stories

Supercomputing is starting to play a key role in different sectors and industries enabling industrial sectors to become more innovative, productive and shift business to a higher level. The presentation of the Success Stories below can inspire you what results could be achieved by using hi-end HPC technologies.  

The first tranche of the 16 FF4EuroHPC experiments was successfully concluded in August 2022 and the first FF4EuroHPC Success Stories are presented below. Let´t they inspire you!  

In the last two Fortissimo editions (from 2013 to 2018), 92 SMEs from different European countries and sectors participated through “open calls” proposing experiments to demonstrate the benefits of HPC cloud-based advanced modelling, simulation and data analytics. In that period 79 success stories were created presenting the benefits to all involved in the value chain from end-users, domain experts, code developers all the way to the providers of HPC-infrastructure.