Within the FF4EuroHPC project European SMEs can develop unique products, innovative business opportunities and become more competitive by using European high-end HPC services.

Find out how your SME can profit from the innovation advantages offered by advanced High Performance Computing (HPC) technologies and services.

About the project

Shall my SME participate in the FF4EuroHPC project initiatives?

FF4EuroHPC is a European initiative that helps facilitate access to supercomputers and all high-performance computing (HPC)-related technologies for SMEs. Whether it is running high-resolution simulations, doing large-scale data analyses, or incorporating AI applications into SMEs´ workflows, FF4EuroHPC connects business with cutting-edge technologies. The project partners’ HPCs are among the fastest computers available to industry in Europe, capable of analysing large amounts of data to extract patterns or create complex simulations needed that are applicable in any sphere (engineering, energy, medicine, weather etc.).

Open calls

How can my SME take part in open calls and what will be my benefits?

Many manufacturing and engineering companies can greatly benefit from using computational methods backed by high performance computing (HPC) to improve and speed up processes and designs and thus save real money, get a competitive edge or gain new customers. Many convincing examples have been collected in the success stories linked to below.

In order to overcome the considerable entrance barriers for smaller enterprises and to increase the take-up of HPC in the industry, FF4EuroHPC will launch two open calls for “application experiments”. European SMEs will team up with HPC experts, computer simulation specialists, software vendors and HPC centres to solve a real business problem and showcase the solution. Your national HPC competence centre can be a good first address to look for partners. Funding is available for up to €150.000 per experiment and for about 40 experiments in total. The first open call will be launched in autumn 2020 and will close in early 2021, the second call is planned during summer 2021.


Success stories presentation

Create your own success story!

In the last two Fortissimo editions (from 2013 to 2018), 92 SMEs from different European countries and sectors participated through “open calls” proposing experiments to demonstrate the benefits of HPC cloud-based advanced modelling, simulation and data analytics. In that period, more than 90 experiments were carried out, and 79 of them have become success stories.

The success stories presented below are not only relevant to the business needs of end-users (SMEs), but also show the benefits to all involved in the value chain from end-users, domain experts, code developers all the way to the providers of the HPC-infrastructure.

See success stories and get inspired!

Project partners

The project consortium consists of 6 HPC expert organisations from private-public sectors that were also involved in the EU-funded Fortissimo and Fortissimo 2 projects, which ran between 2013 and 2018. Partners will use the lessons learned, know-how and best practices developed in those projects to create a portfolio of business-oriented application experiments that allow SMEs to investigate and solve business challenges and develop innovative business opportunities.

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