Preliminary Analysis of Innovative Aerostructures Spectrum Powered by HPC

Presentation of the problem and objective of the experiment

Aircraft design is undergoing a revolution with the introduction of electric and hydrogen powertrains. New propulsion enables innovative aircraft configurations. Innovative aircraft shapes require innovative internal load-carrying structures and structural engineers will benefit from our tool that will allow them to explore a broader range of different structural configurations early in the design process to determine which one is the best before focusing on optimizing it.

Short description of the experiment

The goal of the experiment is to develop a rapid and brute force approach to evaluating different load-carrying internal structures for aircraft. This brute force approach is enabled by HPC. The tasks of the experiment are to develop a workflow that rapidly takes an aerospace vehicle from CAD to mesh to the solver to visualisation and can rapidly cycle design iterations. Furthermore, this brute force enables a more effective creative process for the designer. The effectiveness comes from rapid iterations reducing the losses due to change of context.


Organisations involved: 

End-user: ElevonX
HPC Expert: University of Maribor
Domain Expert: AFormX

Partner University of Maribor is part of the NCC Slovenia.