ElevonX d.o.o.

Address: Sebenje 68A, SI-4294 Krize, Slovenia
Website: www.elevonx.com/


ElevonX is a manufacturer of professional-grade UAV platforms. Our modular UAV platform SkyEye can be configured in four different variants to meet customer-specific demands. The main focus of our development is aimed at VTOL type of fixed-wing UAVs as this combination gives the ease-of-use of multi-copters with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities and performance of fixed-wing UAVs during horizontal flight. 

The company offers its clients support in configuring and integrating the customized UAV into their workflow. Their modular UAV design in combination with knowledge of their team and rapid prototyping tools (CNC machining, 3D printing etc.) allows them to meet the specific demands of customers.