CastPrint SIA

Address: Kr.Barona 19-4, Rīga, LV-1011, Latvia 

CastPrint SIA is the leading custom-made 3D printed assistive device manufacturer in Europe. As such CastPrint has a team of medical engineers, 3D designers and innovative appropriate medical specialists (technical orthopaedist and medical doctor). 

CastPrint is the missing link for hospitals to introduce 3D printing technology in their daily operations. By reducing patient treatment time by 1/3 and saving more than 15% in labor hours on each patient, CastPrint allows hospitals to offer patients with cutting-edge treatment of fracture trauma. Unlike traditional plaster casts which are heavy, itchy, and unhygienic, CastPrint's 3D printed casts are lightweight, waterproof, and comfortable to wear, enabling patients to enjoy an active and fulfilling recovery from their injuries.