FF4EuroHPC Open Call

First Open Call for participation has been closed!

We expect to open the second Open Call in June 2021 and close it by End of September. Detailed information for the second call will be published on this webpage and shared via FF4EuroHPC Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. To stay updated with the latest information on the Open Call, project activities and events, you are invited to subscribe to the newsletter.

The second Open Call conditions for proposals submission may slightly differ from those for the first Open Call. The expectations for new experiments and the procedure for the proposal submission will remain the same.

Call for proposals targets the highest quality experiments involving innovative, agile SMEs and with work plans built around innovation targets arising from the use of advanced HPC services. Proposals are sought that address business challenges from European SMEs from varied application domains, but preference being given to engineering and manufacturing, or sectors able to demonstrate fast economic growth or particular economic impact for Europe.

Priority will be given to consortia centred on SMEs that are new to the use of advanced HPC services; in particular, a prior involvement in the Fortissimo or Fortissimo 2 projects would require the innovation aspects for the proposed experiment to be clearly justified, the same applies for activities already funded through other programs.

Expectations for new experiments

The expectations for the proposed experiments are that they should:

  • Involve all necessary parties required for the effective and efficient execution of the investigation and impact demonstration to address SME business challenges through the use of HPC systems or advanced HPC services. Appropriate technical management within an experiment is a necessary component.
  • Define the resources they need and budget for them, possibly using resources provided directly by the EuroHPC JU or through national actions such as, but not restricted to, the HPC National Competence Centres. (FF4EuroHPC will not be in a position to provide computing resources).
  • Define the data protection and data/information access issues that impact its proposed work plan and ensure that the operation of the experiment adheres to those requirements.
  • Generate publishable success stories – preferably in multi-media form – based on solution of the SME’s real-world problems that clearly identify the business benefits realised or obtained.
  • Align, where appropriate, with regional priorities, such as industrial specialisation areas.
  • Be complementary to those already included in the past Fortissimo and Fortissimo 2 projects.

It is to be noted that Engineering Consultancy companies may take the role of the industrial end-user, where that is representative of the corresponding market segment / industrial sector.

See the webinar videos and presentations and get all information you need for your participation in the first Open Call!