FF4EuroHPC Partners presented the Success Stories for the first time!

2 November 2022

FF4EuroHPC Partners presented the Success Stories for the first time!

It is our great pleasure to announce that the first tranche of 16 FF4EuroHPC Experiments was successfully completed. The experiments started at the beginning of June 2021 and were successfully concluded at end of August 2022.  As a result, 16 innovative Success Stories were created in collaboration with 53 partners from 9 European Countries. Success Stories materials (flyers, booklet and online presentation) will be available soon. Meanwhile, project partners exclusively presented the Success Stories via four online workshops which were held in September and October 2022.

About the FF4EuroHPC project

FF4EuroHPC is a European initiative that helps facilitate access to all high-performance computing-related technologies for SMEs and thus increases the innovation potential of European industry. Whether it is running high-resolution simulations, doing large-scale data analyses, or incorporating AI applications into SMEs´ workflows, FF4EuroHPC connects business with cutting-edge technologies.

In four webinars, the results and business benefits organisations gained while implementing HPC, AI and other advanced technologies for business in various sectors were presented. The aim of these Success Stories is to inspire the wider community, from industry end-users, HPC and technology providers, ISVs and AI experts by presenting real use cases and first-hand experiences. Adopting and further implementing of HPC-related technologies is crucial for further innovation and business growth.

FF4EuroHPC Workshops

During four workshops, 12 FF4EuroHPC Success Stories were presented. All workshops were recorded. You are kindly invited to watch the videos and learn more about specific cases.

Workshop #1: Experiments covering Medical & Pharmaceutical Sectors

  1. Panagiotis Papadimitroulas, BIOMETEC: “HPC towards personalized medicine -PediDose- A pediatric dosimetry platform for clinical use”
  2. Robert Marino, Qubit Pharmaceutical (Iktos): “Advanced HPC based drug discovery with converged Deep Physics and AI
  3. Edoardo Ferrante, RINA-C: “Copernicus: a cloud-based HPC Platform to Support Systemic-Pulmonary Shunting Procedures”

The video is available here


Workshop #2: Experiments covering Manufacturing and Computer Aided Engineering Sectors

  1. Lukas KRIETE, Kimoknow: “AI-Platform for Automated Training of Object Detection Models based on CAD Data”
  2.  Pasquale BENE, MANTA Group: “HPC-based Multi-Physics and Multi-scale modelling of the autoclave process for aeronautical components: main achievements and outcomes”
  3. Nikola Blažević, Mikrotvornica Ltd: “Multi-head Additive Manufacturing with Optimal HPC Thermal Stabilization”


The video is available here


Workshop #3: Experiments covering Weather Forecasting, Pollution & Counterfeit Detection in Business Sectors

  1. Jose Munoz, Aslogic: “HERCULES: High-Performance computing for high-value weather forecast”
  2. Emanuele Della Volpe, Green Tech: “HPC-based navigation system for Marine Litter hunting”
  3. Martin Shade, PriceIntelligence: “Market Innovation Sourcing”

The video is available here


Workshop #4: Experiments covering Maintenance, Agriculture & Assets Management Sectors

  1. Tomo Popovic, DigitalSmart: “AI/ML Computer Vision for the Next Generation Hen Farms”
  2. Jean-Luc Bouchot, Artelys: “Massively parallel power network simulations and optimization” 
  3. Giacomo Barigazzi, Axyon: “Leveraging HPC for AI & DL-powered solutions for asset management”

The video is available here. 


Get inspired: Success Stories will be available soon!

Success Stories presentation will be available on the FF4EuroHPC website and FF4EuroHPC Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter) soon. Stay tuned!