First tranche of the FF4EuroHPC Experiments is successfully concluded!

1 September 2022

It is our great pleasure to announce that the first tranche of the FF4EuroHPC experiments was successfully concluded!

16 experiments were funded within the Open Call-1, including 53 partners from 9 countries. Of the 53 partners participating in the selected experiments, 27 were small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Each FF4EuroHPC experiment targets a specific economic end-user domain, and is designed to accelerate innovation and create business value in that domain. More than half of the proposals did include AI technologies, which shows that the idea of combining HPC and AI to yield better or faster results is catching on. On the HPC side, coupled, multi-physics or multi-domain simulations are used by the majority of selected proposals, showing that this advanced concept is being taken up by industrial end-users.

The experiments commenced on June 1st and have been runing for 15 months. The results and business benefits will be presented through the Success stories.