FF4EuroHPC Open Call presented at a major European HPC events

19 July 2021

Meanwhile, the summertime and holidays officially started, the FF4EuroHPC partners work on the Second Open Call promotion with the full speed as their mission is supporting the uptake of industrial use of HPC by SMEs in Europe. The Second Open Call brings the second chance for all interested parties to develop and submit proposals for the next tranche of experiments. For this reason, partners have been inspiring the community across Europe, explaining to SMEs how to apply to the Open Call and what benefits can they gain when solving the engineering problem with the help of novel technologies such as HPC, AI, ML and HPDA.


Bastian Koller, HLRS, gave a keynote speech about strengthening the European HPC ecosystem - strategy, technology, synergies at ASHPC21 event on May 31st. The presentation gave an insight into the European HPC strategy, the ecosystem and presented two actions that focus on strengthening competencies on the national level: EuroCC and CASTIEL project.

At the same event on June 2nd, Tomi Ilijaš, Arctur, inspired the HPC community with success stories and presented the benefits SMEs gain when using HPC technologies. Ilijaš provided the information about the Second Open Call.  

You are invited to click through the Booklet of abstracts here.


Dr. Guy Lonsdale, scapos AG, introduced the second FF4EuroHPC Open Call in a presentation titled “Enabling SMEs to benefit from HPC – FF4EuroHPC Call-2” during the second EuroCC & CASTIEL joint conference on June 23rd, with 160 participants from the two projects, including representatives from the European National Competence Centres for HPC (NCCs).


Dr. Guy Lonsdale, scapos AG, introduced the second FF4EuroHPC open call in a presentation titled “Investigating HPC business benefits for SMEs: the F4EuroHPC 2nd Open Call” at HLRS’s side event for ISC High Performance 2021 Digital on 29th June. The presentation was well-received by the audience of 20 persons from SMEs, the European National Competence Centres for HPC, and researchers from other institutions.

Roberta Turra, Cineca, presented the "FF2 Use case - The PRESERVE Fortissimo Experiment: Predictive Diagnosis Services for the Automotive Industry" at the ISC High Performance 2021 session on "Synergies of AI/ML and HPC in Industry" on the 1st of July. The presentation detailed the methodology, ML techniques and computational resources needed to develop four service prototypes based on data collected by vehicles diagnostic onboard devices. These prototypes allow the prediction of failures on cars and motorbikes and provide innovative solutions for vehicle manufacturers to improve their products and for vehicles fleet managers to save maintenance costs. The presentation was followed by a vibrant Q&A session.


Tomi Ilijaš, Arctur, presented the Open Call through the webinars to NCC North Macedonia, Serbia and Greece in July, and held the Open Call presentation at HPC info days for companies online event, organised by the University of Donja Gorica, Montenegro on July 2nd.

Andres Gomez and Mauro Fernandez, CESGA, presented the benefits of digitalisation in the logistics sector and the opportunities Open Call can bring to the Galician SMEs at the CoLogistics Business Accelerator in the event titled 19 retos de empresas galegas buscan solución on July 9th.


Tomi Ilijas, Arctur, gave the speech about the FF4EuroHPC project and Open Call at the international conference Supercomputing Frontiers Europe 2021 on July 19th. The recording of the presentation is available here.

SCFE'21 Tomi Ilijas Speaker

Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about HPC usage in the business world and information about the Open Call!

On July 27th, the webinar FF4EuroHPC - connecting business with cutting-edge technologies will be held online. The aim of this webinar is to present to SMEs how they can strongly benefit from the use of advanced HPC services (modelling & simulation, data analytics, machine learning and AI, and possibly combinations thereof) and thereby take advantage of these innovative ICT solutions for business benefits. Furthermore, the success story from the previous Fortissimo project will be presented to inspire SMEs and some good use cases of collaboration with National Competence Centers will be highlighted. Find more information and agenda here. Join the webinar - entry is free of charge, registration is required.