HPC-Based Platform for Low-Emissions Hydrogen Combustors

Presentation of the problem and objective of the experiment

The project aims at developing a computational platform for virtual testing of industrial combustors using High-Performance Computing (HPC). It uses an advanced modelling strategy based on high-fidelity numerical simulations and HPC-based data analysis tools to obtain quantitative information on combustion performance and efficiency. It pursues the generation of digital tools that can reduce manufacturing costs and accelerate the deployment of low-carbon technologies for power generation.

Short description of the experiment

This project aims to perform a technology demonstrator of the use of an HPC-based computational platform for the design and development of cleaner and more efficient power generation systems. It is focused on the use of high-fidelity simulations to develop low-NOx burners operated with hydrogen blends. The methodology proposed is a multidisciplinary approach based on a combined effort between experiments and high-fidelity simulations. Simulation technology based on large-eddy simulation with tabulated chemistry will be used in this project for the simulation of the primary zone of the flame. This computational platform would be able to test hydrocarbon fuels and hydrogen blends to pure hydrogen conditions.


Organisations involved: 
End user: E&M Combustion 
HPC Provider & Expert: Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Partner Barcelona Supercomputing Center - BSC is part of the NCC Spain.