Simulation of Powder Segregation in Cored-Wire Manufacturing

Presentation of the problem and objective of the experiment

To enhance productivity and economic profits and reduce the generation of material waste, SIMPSEG project “HPC Simulation of Metal Powder Segregation in the manufacturing of cored wire" proposes to use DEM models (implemented in open-source code) to predict segregations of metal particles during the initial production stages of cored wire. CEDIE manufacturing company (a first-time user of HPC), in collaboration with CITMAga and GOMPUTE will undertake the implementation, validation and execution of an accurate numerical tool, aimed to enhance CEDIE’s productivity and final product quality.

Short description of the experiment

SIMPSEG will use HPC DEM simulation to predict segregation during the production of a cored wire (filled with a mixture of metal powders), commonly used as additional material in steel and foundry industries. First, the powder flow in simplified configurations (prototypes) will be studied both experimentally and numerically in order to calibrate the material parameters involved in the numerical model. Validation will be done by comparison, with their numerical counterpart, of the experimental granular flow and the resulting averaged concentration distribution in different sections of the prototypes. Then, the simulation of the industrial filling process will be carried out and its results compared with measurements obtained during production.


Organisations involved: 
End user: CEDIE 
Domain expert: CITMAga 
HPC provider: GOMPUTE